AD 120

The AD 120 Chain of Retirement Centers for Senior Citizens, initiates, builds and operates retirement centers for senior citizens. The AD 120 Chain is part of the Phoenix Group, one of the leading companies in Israel

For over 20 years we have led the way in changing perceptions regarding housing for senior citizens in Israel. Our three residences, in Rishon LeZion, Hod Hasharon and Tel Aviv embody the quality of life, nurturing, and meticulous attention given by the staff and management

The locations for all three residences were carefully chosen: emphasis was placed on choosing an exclusive, well appointed neighborhood in the city center with parks and greenery, close to main thoroughfares as well as local and inter-city transportation to major entertainment and cultural centers

We invest in the quality of service we provide our residents, in every possible way, while allowing them to maintain their dignity and privacy. We are available for our residents at all times and are able to provide solutions for any requirements. We pay particular attention, in all of our residences, to health services and nursing care. Our residents enjoy continuous full medical services and have complete confidence that we will accompany them and provide them with the highest level of medical solutions for medical needs which change with age

The company employs over 300 workers in various different positions. The experienced, dedicated and professional staff includes: doctors and professional geriatric health advisors, nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, social and cultural directors, maintenance staff, housekeeping staff, kitchen staff, reception staff, resident services managers and more

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